A Poem For A Dumb Ass Bitch

She’s what is known as a dumb ass bitch.

Pretending she’s the bomb, but she really ain’t shit.

Attempting to act hard, but she’s a bitch ass ho.

So fuck off with the act cause all of us know.

That you’re really fuckin’ stupid, but you think you’re so smart.

You’ve got fake and phony right down to an art.

So step off silly girl cause you’re making a show.

Stop pretending that you’re more than a ghetto ho.


Ok, so let me tell you a little something about this stuff. This is a shot of fresh wheatgrass. I do put wheatgrass powder in things like smoothies, but fresh wheatgrass is the real fucking deal. However, this stuff tastes like absolute shit. After I down a shot of this stuff it usually feels like I’ve been kicked in the stomach by a horse and the taste….Oh God, the taste. It stays with you so you have to chase it with water. Make sure you have a glass of water handy or you’ll be full of regrets.

But, this stuff does have its benefits. First off, I find when I’m feeling run down, this stuff picks me right back up. Obviously I was feeling pretty exhausted after my big gym session, but drinking this has perked me right back up.

It also has amazing benefits for your skin and if I’m coming down with something, I find if I drink some of this before an illness takes hold, I’m back in business straight away and don’t end up sick.

So, this stuff might taste like death, but it’s worth it.👍

Hell yeah! Gym buddy and I are the baddest mofos up in that gym. No doubt 😂.

Anyway, gym buddy and I had no obligations today so we spent a solid 2 and half hours working out. First it was the Stairmaster (as I’m clearly the fucking boss of that machine 😂). Then it was 45 minutes of spin and core. Then we wrapped it all up with weights, then you guessed it, more cardio.

After all of that, we hit Zambrero for lunch. We were both absolutely starving after all that exercise, but we were both very good and made healthy choices.

So I’m absolutely wrecked now, but yeah, it was a good session. I never thought I would get to a place where I’d say I love going to the gym, but I totally do. My gym days have really helped to pull me through some dark times. Anyway, happy Monday peeps 😘

You’re Fuckin’ With a Gold Digger

You were fuckin’ with class.

Now you’re fuckin’ with trash.

Gone down in your standards.

All she wants is your cash.

Cause she’s a gold digger yo.

Looking like a two dollar ho.

You should get more for your money.

You set the bar too low.

She’s taking you for a ride.

She’s taking it in her stride.

You’re about to get fucked.

And then pushed right aside.

Cause that bitch wants money.

Can’t you see that honey?

I should feel real bad.

But I just think it’s funny.

Cause you brought this on yourself.

Wasn’t anyone else.

You’re a total ego maniac.

Who hurts others as well.

I wish you good luck with that.

And I hope that  you got a fat.

Wallet and bank account.

Cause your bitch gonna take all that.

Little Fighter

The day started off kinda rough.

It was one of those times she just wanted to stay in bed and wallow in misery.

Nothing happened.

Nothing needs to happen.

That’s the hell she lives in sometimes.

She’s sad but she doesn’t know why she’s sad.

It’s the moments like these that she has to dig down and find that strength that is in there.

And get herself out of that fucking bed.

So she can own her life and make it incredible.

And that’s just what this little fighter does.

Every. Single. Day.

*I love photography. I studied it in school and always enjoy taking action shots. They’re my favorite actually. I also love combining my writing with my photos. Making art. Creating something. It helps me to heal. It gives me purpose. It gives me peace.

Nobody’s Bitch

I can pay my own bills

And I got my own car

I buy myself clothes

Buy my own drinks at the bar

Don’t need any of your hand outs

Ain’t taking no favors

I run this motherfucker

Independent. That’s my flavor

Cause I’m nobody’s bitch

I take care of my shit

Don’t want any of your charity

I’m so done with all of it

Cause I look after  myself

Like the queen that I am

I’m feeling hella proud

Of how far that I came

So keep all of your shit

Ain’t looking for no money

I’m looking after me

Don’t owe you nothing, honey

*I often joke about the whole getting a sugar daddy thing, but truthfully, I have no interest in having anybody funding me. I come from a long line of strong women who are not afraid to work to get their own shit. It creates confidence knowing you are capable of looking after your own needs and the needs of your kids. I love that feeling. I love the feeling of being a strong, independent woman who’s totally in charge of her own life.

Today marks the anniversary of my Auntie Edie’s death. I will never forget the day I got that call. I knew something was wrong because I knew how late it was in The States and my dad would never call me at that time.

Her death was a tragedy, one that rocked my entire family to the core. We were all in shock for months after.

The thing is this, my Auntie Edie was a big personality. She lit up a room as soon as she walked into it. She had this vibrant energy that just radiated off of her and people were just drawn to her.

She was also very artistic, a lot of fun, a great singer and dancer, but what I remember most about her was her kind nature. She was so nice to everyone. She never judged people or put them down. She had time for everyone. Her passing left a huge hole in our family and honestly, even after all of these years, it still doesn’t feel quite the same without her.

I can’t begin to tell you just how much I loved that woman. She was like a second mother to me, but thankfully, she left me with great memories. Like sleepovers at her house with my cousins, and her scaring the shit out of all us kids with some creepy ass ghost stories 😂. And her dancing and singing all of the time. No matter where she was she’d be breaking it down while belting out some amazing song (she had amazing taste in music). I remember vacations to the cottage with her, my mom, and my cousins(those are the most special of all the memories). I could go on and on. I was lucky to have had her for all of those years, but I won’t deny that it still hurts that she’s not here anymore, but I know she looks out for all of us. So, here’s to you Auntie Edie. I love you to the moon and back.❤️

This song is the song that always, ALWAYS reminds me of my Auntie Edie. She fucking loved this tune. See? I told you she had amazing taste in music.

So what do I do in the pissing rain. Run 5K, that’s what.

We decided to brave the elements and get our run on, so we headed to our favorite spot only to the discover the tide was so far in that most of the beach was cut off. We had no choice but to do the cliff walk which was a slippery, muddy mess. Still, I’m glad I did it. It wasn’t a miserable experience by any means. I love to run. I love exercising outdoors. I love just fucking being out there and just doing cool shit with my life. Now I need to submerge myself in a hot bath for like an hour cause I’m freezing my fucking ass off 😂. Happy Saturday peeps 😘

So last night I went to dinner and to see The Darkest Hour, a movie I have been wanting to see for a good while now as it stars Gary Oldman, one of my favorite actors.

If you are into WWII history, you’ll want to see this. I definitely learned some new things after seeing this movie. Obviously, I have not heard much about that period of time told from the English perspective as I am American, so much of our WWII history we learned in school was centered around the American experience.

Anyway, Gary Oldman puts on an incredible performance in this. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he gets an Oscar nod for his role. So, yeah, I would recommend it. If you’re looking for a lot of action, like soldiers shooting each other and people being blown up, this is not the one for you as it’s more about the political side of things during that time period.


It was her quirky ways that I loved so much.

God, she was funny.

I loved how she crinkled up her face when she got embarrassed or talked incessantly when she was nervous.

Yeah, she was a real diamond.

The kind of girl you’d love to wake up with every day.

She definitely had her dark side, but there was something intriguing about that too because it was real.

You know, she was like this extraordinary, beautiful, smart, creative, funny girl. The kind of girl any man would want.

But she had her flaws too and she wasn’t afraid to show them.

To own them.

 And I liked that.

I appreciated the honesty.

The raw emotion she had no fear of displaying.

It could be overwhelming sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but it was magical watching someone come to terms with their demons.

She may not have learned how to conquer them yet, but she acknowledged them.

It takes a lot of courage to own your darkness, to accept the cards you’ve been dealt, to shout out to the world “This is who I am!”

Yeah, I really loved her for that because it helped me to shine a light on my own darkness.

It encouraged me to take a look into my own soul.

It pushed me to conquer my own demons.

So thank you beautiful girl, wherever you are.

Thank you for touching my life and thank you for your love.

It healed me.

*I wanted to write this from the perspective of a man who had been in a relationship with someone who clearly had had a major impact on his life. Although they were no longer together, he had the ability to recognize how this person changed him and took him down a different, more fulfilling path in life. Obviously, we don’t see what split these two up, but the fact that he’s able to put whatever differences aside to see the gifts this person brought to his life while they were in his life, and to be thankful for those gifts, instead of bitter that that person is gone, is the behaviour of someone who is very evolved. That doesn’t come easy for most of us, especially if there is a lot of hurt involved, but I believe when certain people walk into our world and have a profound effect on our lives like that, even if there is hurt, their presence in our lives took us to the next level in our soul’s evolution. That in itself is a reason to be thankful to them. We could not have gotten there without them.